The Caribbean: Exotic fetish vacations that really are exclusive – at last!

If you think fetish parties are a niche activity compared to mainstream clubbing, then fetish vacations are surely even more of a minority attraction — albeit with obvious Exit to Eden-style appeal.

These typically week-long exotic getaways, traditionally hosted in various resorts around the Caribbean, are all-inclusive affairs where the only ‘extra expense’ is the cost of getting there.

All other elements of the holiday — hotel room, resort amenities, all food and drink (alcoholic and otherwise), tips for service and whatever pervy distractions the host has laid on for the week — are included in the prices, which typically start at around $3,000 per couple.

The aim of fetish vacation organisers has always been to sell enough rooms to guarantee a total resort takeover, so that the only other people you bump into during your stay (aside from resort staff) are other fetish people.

And indeed, total hotel takeovers are an established feature of at least two well-known annual fetish weekends — Fetish Evolution in Essen and Fetish Factory’s Anniversary event in Florida.

But the numbers of folk signing up for a pervy week in the Caribbean have generally not been enough to secure total exclusivity, meaning the space usually has to be shared with swingers and/or other gawping guests.

However, the two main players in the fetish vacation game — Domina Belicose of Domme Trips and Kip of Plunge — have now solved this problem by teaming up to jointly market and co-host their respective events.

Story: Tony Mitchell

Main photo: Lady Victoria frolicking on the beach during Plunge 2018 at the event’s previous Jamaican resort – by Gerry Koehler
Photo, right: Lyra Law and Hudsy Horn bring their own take on dogging to a recent Plunge vacation

Diversion 2019 listing
Plunge 2019 listing

This means that Domme Trips’ first Diversion, in Cozumel on the Mexican coast between October 13 and 20, 2018, its 2019 follow-up on Oct 12-19, and the 2019 Plunge vacation from March 3 to 10 on the Dominican Republic’s Amber Coast, have all been able to offer full fetish takeovers of their resorts.

Thanks to this collaborative spirit, those who fancy living the pervy dream for a solid week in a luxurious, exotic setting can finally look forward to fetish vacations just for fetish people, and totally devoid of uninvited onlookers.

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