For business users

These are some things you may want to know if you run a fetish business and would like to get it listed in The Fetishistas Directory, or if your business is already listed in the Directory.

This page answers common questions about participation in The Fetishistas Directory, such as how to get a new listing, how to update an existing listing, how to upgrade the content of a listing, and how to complain if something goes wrong.

How do I get a first-time listing for my business on The Fetishistas Directory?

My business already has a free listing — how do I update or expand its content?

When I upload a new listing or amend an existing listing, does the publisher have to approve it before publication?

How many payment methods are available for paid listings?

What is the complaints procedure if something goes wrong?

My business consists of a main brand and several sub-brands. Can I have separate listings for each brand?

My clothing label launches new Collections from time to time. Can I have separate listings for each Collection?

How do I draw attention to special offers, sales, new designs, new collections and other news from my business?

How many times can I amend details or completely change my listing in a year?

I run frequent events (eg every month) under the same title/branding. How do I list each separate event?

I run various events under different titles in a typical year. How do I list each separate event?

I run large events with multi-day programmes, typically just once or twice a year. How do I list all the individual events within such a multi-event programme?

I run events every month (or frequently) under the same title. How do I list each separate event?